Elite Membership  
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Comprehensive protection in the fast lane.
For the new generation of drivers and car owners who demands convenience, versatility and around the clock protection. Members enjoy all the benefits and privileges of a basic card membership in addition to a host of other services such as an accident care programme, on-the-spot minor repairs, accidental reimbursement, worldwide insurance coverage for accidents, disability and death, hotel accommodation in the event of breakdowns and accidents, etc.”

Membership Benefits

  • Built in Touch and Go
  • 24-hour breakdown roadside assistance
  • Free towing and minor on-the-spot repair service within Free Breakdown Zone (FBZ)
  • Outside Breakdown Zone (OBT) claim is up to RM 360.00 one (1) time per year
  • Breakdown Care Programme : 12.00am-5.00am

Insurance Benefits

  • Accident Care Programme
  • Worldwide insurance coverage for accident, death and disablement
  • Accidental medical reimbursement
  • Other privileges as accorded to AAM ordinary members

Safety & Security Benefits

  • Snatch theft coverage
  • Car key replacement
  • Hotel accommodation for breakdowns and accidents

How much does AAM Elite Membership cost?

Entrance RM25.00
Annual RM100.00 (for the first 2 cars)
Each Additional Car (max 2 cars) RM50.00
Each Supplementary RM50.00
Each Driver (max 2 drivers) RM50.00
OBZ Claim Reimbursement RM360.00 (per membership/year)
FBZ Breakdown Assistance Unlimited
Renew 2 Years RM200.00 
Renew 3 Years RM300.00 

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Rules and Regulations

  1. All ORDINARY, ELITE and BASIC membership are only applicable to private vehicle car owners. Motorcycles and commercially registered vehicles (such as lorry, truck, van, taxi, wagon, etc) are not eligible to apply for AAM membership. AAM reserves the right to refuse towing such commercial vehicles.

    CORPORATE memberships are open to any companies or organizations registered vehicle (s). Companies must have a permanent office address and must be registered in Malaysia. All vehicles must be registered under the company’s ownership. Motorcycles and commercial registered vehicles (such as lorry, truck, van, taxi, wagon etc) not eligible to apply for AAM corporate card.

  2. Renewal notices will be sent to members (Ordinary, Elite, Basic membership) and to the company or organization (for corporate membership) before the expiry date of the membership. If payment due is not received by the membership expiry date, AAM will not be able to render breakdown assistance and other privileges to the members concerned.

    Ordinary / Elite Member
    In the event that the member fails to renew his/her membership within three (03) months after the expiry date, he/she will cease to be a member. To reinstate as member and to enjoy the benefits and services, he/she must pay the entrance and annual fees.

    Corporate Member
    It is the responsibility of the company/organization to complete the renewal form and return to AAM with appropriate payment.

    Renewal of AAM membership can be done at any of the AAM offices or the members can just mail it to the Automobile Association of Malaysia at 225 Block 4, No 7, Persiaran Sukan, Laman Seri Business Park, Section 13, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan or fax to 603-5511 3410.

    For credit and charge card holders, you may ask out telemarketing unit to renew your membership at 603-5511 19323 at AAM Shah Alam (HQ) or 603-2163 5210 AAM Ampang Park and provide us with your card details and contact. Members may also email to us at mru@aam.org.my or log on to www.aam.org.my to view the list of internet banking facilities and branched available for renewals.

  3. Transfer of Membership : Ordinary, Elite and Basic Membership is strictly non-transferable. Corporate Membership is strictly non transferable, from one vehicle to another. However, in case of existing vehicle no longer owned by the company registered with AAM, process fee of RM10 per card is chargeable for transferring existing card to a new vehicle.

  4. Cancellation: No entrance fee or proportionate part of the annual fee shall be refunded upon cancellation of membership. (with no exception).

  5. Loss of Membership card: Application for replacement membership cards can be made at any of the AAM offices at RM10.00 per card and RM20.00 for Elite card. You may also write in to request for replacement and submit your payment with requisition.
  6. Conversion of AAM membership: Conversion of membership to other categories of AAM membership can only be done at the time of renewal. A fee of RM20.00 will be imposed per conversion.

  7. Activation period: New applicants and renewal of expired members are subject to a 48-hour activation period. During this period, the member will be entitled to as privileges of the card except for towing and minor on the repair service.